Received Funding?

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As of March 7th, 2023, our former Contracts and Grants Administrator, Becky Wood has left our team.

The Very First Steps

When you receive an award, [email protected] will need to be notified about it so that we can set up a project setup meeting, process the award.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be notified if awarded a grant?

Congratulations! Email award notice to the post-award Grant Administrators & [email protected] so that next steps can begin.

Who can sign my grant contract/agreement?

The Contracts and Grant Administrator will negotiate, review and send for signature all contract or grant agreements. Authorized Representatives designated to commit University to contracts or agreements are approved by The A&M Systems – Office of General Council.

What is Indirect Cost (IDC)?

Indirect costs represent the expenses of doing business that are not readily identified or captured in a budget line item, but are necessary to the general operation to conduct research projects. Examples of indirect costs are: Use of space, utilities, equipment, administrative personnel, and depreciation.

How do I request an extension or budget revision? And who should receive correspondence?

If a PI finds a budget revision is needed to complete project, and/or an extension of time is required, please contact Sponsor Project Director for guidance and copy the Grant Administrator in post-award assigned to the project to assist. Once the PI receives Sponsor approval for the budget revision and/or extension, also ensure Grant Administrator is copied so that modifications can be made to the project and budget within the TSU operating systems.

Where do I keep copies of my technical deliverables?

Technical and financial deliverables are submitted directly to the Sponsor, and a copy is stored in Maestro under the deliverables tab. If the deliverable was scheduled in Maestro, and an email reminder is received, upload document to this deliverable, entering date submitted to sponsor is required, and complete button is pushed to stop email reminders.

Who prepares financial reports?

The post-award grant administrator assigned to the project is responsible for submitting financial reports. If the PI progress report requires a financial component, please allow the grant administrator to provide or verify amount reporting.