Welcome to Stephenville, Texas!

The ݮƵ campus sits in the center of Stephenville and enriches the lives of students with a traditional college experience, offering more than 18 on campus living options, a gym, study areas and variety of student organizations that meet on campus. Students at the Stephenville campus have the opportunity for field learning and internship experience with many of the local businesses. Stephenville allows students to earn a high quality education, while staying in an area that feels just like home and with a lot of history.

Stephenville was first patented by John M. Stephen on February 24, 1853. After over 160 years, this city has transformed into one of the fastest growing “college towns” in the State of Texas, and has so much to offer its residents whether they be college students, senior citizens, or families. ݮƵ State University is located in the Heart of Stephenville, and has several outreach programs that give the community a special, close-knit feeling.

What can you do in Stephenville?

Stephenville offers a wide variety of activities and places of interest for students and residents of all ages, including:

  • 2 public parks: Jaycee Park and Stephenville City Park
  • 8 tennis courts: four of which are located on the ݮƵ State University campus.

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Where is Stephenville, Texas?

Located in Central Texas, about:

  • 1-2 hours from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
  • 1.5 hours from Waco
  • 2.5 hours from Austin
  • 4 hours from Houston

In the Cross Timbers Area

In addition to all there is to do in Stephenville, there are several towns in the surrounding area that offer a great time and the opportunity to create unforgettable memories, including Glen Rose (30 miles north of Stephenville), and Hico (20 miles southeast of Stephenville). Some of the main attractions in these towns include:

  •  (Glen Rose)
  •  (Hico)
  •  (Glen Rose)

Working in Stephenville

There are several major manufacturing companies located in and around Stephenville, as well as small businesses, boutiques, and much more that offer ample job opportunities. ݮƵ students who seek employment should start with Handshake, ݮƵ’s hub for both on and off-campus jobs.



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